Important Update!!

Remember the vision we have often talked about? The track of land in which you can come and connect to the ancient rythm of earth? A place to disconnect from the collective, a place to recieve healing touch, to breathe, to float and slip into isolation for deep meditation? That vision began to manifest in 2016 and will come to fruitation in spring of 2017.  I will be sending a letter and an invitation to each of you inviting you up. Keep an eye on your email.

The vision has unfolded. 

 I will no longer be working in the Portland area as of June 2017. I am now working in Washington. Please call me for an update to all the great changes.

The massage therapist at Body of Works Wellness are all fantastic. They would love to work you into their schedule. Please pop on over to and make an appointment with one of the amazing healers at body of works. Call me and I can refer the perfect massage therapist for ya. 

Remember, if you are on the Big Island or in Northwoods, please call or text me at 503-484-7565 so we can schedule appropriately. 

I look forward to catching up.