What my clients say

12/17/2015 ~Paddy E.~

"Neva REALLY knows what she's doing! When I arrived, I had a headache and a sore left shoulder, but I didn't tell Neva that. After a few minutes of the massage, Neva said to me: "Do you have a headache and a sore left shoulder?" (She could tell that by my muscles, I guess). Any way, when the massage was over, I had neither a headache nor a sore shoulder. I felt fabulous! Neva is GIFTED & AMAZING!"


09/07/2015 ~Brian F.~

"Neva really takes the time to understand my issues and focuses the massage on helping me heal. I appreciate her knowledge and personal touch. Highly recommend her.

08/26/2015 ~Michelle E.~

"Neva is truly one of a kind in the art and science of massage. She understands the body well and has surprised me each visit by figuring out just what I need. Tip her well. Her prices do not match her gift!"

07/25/2015 ~P.A.~

Refereed to Neva by a massage therapist who was retiring. I have been a patient for 3 years and am very impressed with her skills and teaching me to change behavior that contributes to problems. Highly recommend her to anyone.

07/24/2015 ~Dan Bentley~

Neva, you always listen well and explore all the possible ways to help heal the damaged, weak, and sore spots of my body. Your deep tissue massages are the best; as much as it hurts while you are hitting those spots, the next day I feel fabulous! Thanks!"

07/18/2015 ~Kathy B.~

I am so grateful, that several years ago I was referred to Neva. Over the years she has relieved my pain, not only in my back, but legs and shoulders. She knows and understand the human body and how it should work together. She can generally discover the point of the pain before I can tell her. So very grateful to have Neva as part of my health care team. "

07/13/2013 ~Julie L.~

"I was referred to Neva by my chiropractor, she gave me the best massage I've ever had! It was a therapeutic massage rather than a "foo foo" massage, I can still feel the difference after 3 days! Looking forward to my next appointment."

06/24/2015 ~Dawn L.~

Neva has helped me with various problems from acrobatic injuries, car accidents and general stress by providing the best massages I've EVER received.

06/15/2015 ~Jenn P.~

I have had chronic painful shoulder "knots" for many years. Every massage therapist I have seen only look at that one area. Neva was able to find the area but identify that the shoulder is not likely the only area that is causing the pain. She was able to identify other areas that are causing instability and improper movement patterns exacerbating the pain and making the "knots" worse. She has a great understanding of the body and such a great and calming nature about her. She is fantastic!

05/29/2015 ~Cindy B.~

Neva is a talented therapist and wonderfully kind woman, and extremely reasonably-priced. I'll definitely be a return customer.

04/08/2015 ~Kari C.~

I experienced Neva's talent for the first time a year or so ago when visiting the Portland area to help care for my parents. Her ability to zero on on the areas that beckoned for release from tension were amazing. I saw her a number of times during those months and continue to schedule sessions to see her again when I'm in the area. Grateful every time!

03/19/2015 ~Ron H.~

Neva is excellent at what she does. She offers a relaxing environment and is very skilled at finding the tight spots and getting them to relax. Thanks Neva.

03/19/2015  ~Vicki F.~

Neva is an excellent massage therapist, with an intuitive approach to therapy which is combined with the knowledge gained from continual study. She uses all the tools: knowledge, experience, and giftedness to bring a truly healing experience to her clients

03/18/2015 ~C.V.~

Such a great experience! Much more than just a massage but a lot of advice/suggestions on how to change your everyday life. Did a great job of explaining everything she was doing and the theories behind them. I'll definitely be going back!

03/15/2015 ~P.A.~

My wife and daughter also receive great relief from Neva's therapy. She has an amazing understanding of the body and the person. Very effective deep tissue and other techniques. She takes the time to explain the problem and causes so we improve. Highly recommend her to anyone needing effective treatment.

02/15/2015 ~Dina S.~

Neva is an amazing masseuse. She has helped me with my shoulder issues and worked out other areas as well. She is very knowledgeable of how the body is connected.

02/02/2015 ~Cindy C.~

Neva is the best massage therapist I have ever been to, and I've been to many (!), all around the world. Neva is unique, as she provides an invaluable blend of medical massage and intuitive healing.

01/29/2015 ~Sue S.~

Best massage I've had in a long time. Glad my friend gave me a gift certificate to Winters Main Massage. Caring, intuitive, safe, kind-hearted, considerate, and compassionate are words I would use to describe Neva. Important character qualities for me. I look forward to relaxing into my next healing massage, and will recommend Neva to friends.

12/01/2014 ~Aubrie Legault~

Neva is a wonderful masseuse. She knows the body so well and can help with all sorts of muscle aliments. I am a swimmer and very tight and she keeps my body from falling apart so that I can enjoy my sport. You can tell Neva loves what she does and her clients and she brings a beautiful spirit to the massage table. I highly recommend Winters Main Massage.

11/23/2014 ~Sheryl F.~

I love the way that Neva uses her gifted hands to find the spots that I need healed. She is so peaceful and relaxing to have as a massage therapist.

11/12/14 ~Mary M.~

Neva's knowledge continues to astound me. She has worked with thought and intuition to give me relief from contracted muscles that have been protecting an arthritic hip. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone who needs deep tissue massage. In addition, I love her dogs and her chickens!

10/04/2014~Carole Ferris~

As usual very relaxing, peaceful and healing! Neva is the greatest. I highly recommend her services. Can not wait till my next appointment.

9/28/2014 ~A.M.~

I've had massages done monthly over the years and never have I felt as good as I do from Neva! She has found her calling of helping others with her magical hands. Love her!